This is an example of harsh wather is in northern part of Canada and Arctic.
                    The Arctic and the northern part of Canada is the on of the most hazardous place on earth. The nine months of the year the arctic is a windsweptpolar desert. soil is frozen because it is too cold. in winter, sea even turns to ice because of the coldness of the arctic.
                  Up in the north is surrounded by massive icebergs, mountainious islands cut with deep sno0w fields and glaciers. Moreover, the northen part has less rainfall than SaharaDesert. However down on the south, the ground is covered with vast rooling plains, which are treeless tundra. on the west, there is low lying with small bluffs and coneshaped hills, which are called pingos. On the east, it is rough and ragged because there are many gravels on the ground.
                    On the lower lying ground, it has muskeg, wet, spongy bog by the layers of decaying vegetations. However, on the higher grounds, there are many stones freezed and thawed from the climate. The winter is ong, cold, and has no day-light, but has a bunch of beautiful aurora borealis. The summer however is very short and cool. And ther is almost no darkness.
                    The animals wake up from hibernation in summer and searches for foods (For example, tree sparrow, whistling swan, and caribou). in the summer there are also only 2500 lichens, 500 mosses, 900 shallowrooted flowering plants. The plant grow only few centimetres for years.

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