Inuits spreading across arctic
                  The inuits were believed to come from Asia to North america. the inuits were belonged to the mongol race, but they are taller and has ovalfaces. They have straight black hair, brown eyes, cheek bones wide and wide face. The babies of the inuits have this small blue patch at the bottom of their spines, but they dissapears after one or two years. This blue patch proves that the inuits came from mongol because only mogolians have blue patched at the end of their spine.
                   Although there are many inuit languages, inuit spoke mostly inuktitut which is not related to other languages around the globe. The special things about this language is that all the words are linked in to one sentence that has no spaces between the words. so the word he sat down changed into hesatdown. The inuits did not have any languages before 19th century but kept all their knowledge in their heads, such as story telling, drawing, and carving.
                   The calendar of the inuit is very specially made. The year is divided into thirteen periods of twenty eight days each. And all the calandar was done by moon because the moon could been seen more than the sun up in the arctic. Moreover, istead of calling first month and second month, they called it like cold month and warm month.

★First Contact★

White men changed whole inuit society.
               The inuit had first contact with whitemen in 1003 A.D. After this event the inuits traded frequently with whitemen. English, Scotish, and Americans majorly affected the inuits. inuits no longer whaled because whalers caught whales for inuits for fox pelts
                The White men brought Anglican and roman catholic mission allies in 1850s. The school, hospitals, writing, nursing system were established. Inuits moved closer to the posts and became dependent on the white man's foods and supplies. inuits started using guns instaead of arrows and harpoons. 
                   Because of the new diseases that white men brought, over 2 generations, 90%of the inuits have died. However after the inuit societies ahve revived the whitemen and other countries have helped inuits. Some even helped to sell inuit's work of arts.